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Initiate Program

Phi Sigma Pi is a close-knit organization involved in many different aspects of campus and community life. Our members belong to multiple organizations across campus including the Student Government Association, Mockapella, University Student Judiciary, Shuttle-UM, Maryland Images, Visitors Center, College Park Scholars, the Student Legal Aide Office, Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortarboard, Senior Council, Civicus and Beyond the Classroom, to name just a few.

Phi Sigma Pi is more than just an honor society or two lines on your resume. Our organization can be best described as one-third honor society, one-third service organization and one-third social fraternity. What makes our organization so unique is that we offer something for everyone and we pride ourselves on our diversity, achievement and leadership through service.

To know us, you must join us. To be a brother is to understand how we feel. If you’re looking for more than a social fraternity, more than a service fraternity, and more than an honors fraternity, combine all three and join PSP.



Rush Eligibility:

  • At least a 3.0 college GPA

  • Completed at least one semester of college or have a college GPA (AP and IB credits do not count)

  • Attend one of the two meet nights

  • Attend all rush events (if there are any conflicts, please contact the rush chairs)

  • Be available the semester following rush (i.e. not studying abroad)


Brief Overview of Initiate Semester

Your initiate semester will require you to:

  • Complete brotherhood and initiate interviews to get to know the fraternity

  • Pass National and Local history exams with at least an 80%

  • Attend one service, fellowship, and scholarship event

  • Attend initiate meetings to learn local and national history of Phi Sigma Pi and prepare to be a brother in the Alpha Beta Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi.

  • Pay initiate dues of $315.00 broken down into 3 payments during the semester

  • Attend three general brotherhood meetings on Tuesday evenings

  • Attend Pinning and Induction ceremonies

  • Attend initiate events such as close-knit bros, retreat, and big-little reveal


Become A Brother FAQ

Do you haze?

  • We strictly follow our university and national fraternity policies on hazing, drinking and other risk management issues.

Do you have anything to do with greek life?

  • No. In fact, according to our national constitution, we’re not even allowed to be incorporated into the same system. We are open to participating in events or pairing up to organize speakers or service projects, but Phi Sigma Pi is completely independent from Greek Life.

Where can I get more information on PSP?

  • Before Rush really begins, we hold two non-mandatory informational sessions about our organization (See Spring 2016 Page for more information). There you will meet Brothers who can answer any and all questions you might have.

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